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Contact Information for Dickenson County Public Schools
Ervinton Elementary School (PreK-8) Clintwood Elementary School (PreK-4)
Mailing & Shipping Address
195 Ervinton Circle
P.O. Box 519
Nora, VA 24272-0519
Mailing & Shipping Address
150 Elementary Circle
P.O. Box 585
Clintwood, VA 24228-0585
Telephone & Fax
Ph:  276-835-8423
Fax: 276-835-8796
Telephone & Fax
Ph:  276-926-6088
Fax: 276-926-6505

Dennis Deel

Janie H. Vanover
Assistant Principal
Lavada Muncy
Assistant Principal
Betty Newton
Sandlick Elementary School (PreK-7) Longs Fork Middle School (5-8)
Mailing & Shipping Address
186 Anderson Lane
P.O. Box 188
Birchleaf, VA 24220-0188
Mailing & Shipping Address
1280 Browning Hollow Road
Clintwood, VA 24228-9615
 Telephone & Fax
Ph:  276-865-5361
Fax: 276-865-0489
Telephone & Fax
Ph:  276-926-6339
Fax: 276-926-6651

Sherry O. Willis

Philip A. (Tony) Robinson
Assistant Principal
Jesse Neece
Assistant Principal
Laura Deel-Stanley
Dickenson County Career Center Clintwood High School
Mailing & Shipping Address
325 Vocational Drive
Clinchco, VA 24226-9701
Mailing Address & Shipping Address
141 Greenwave Circle
P.O. Box 577
Clintwood, VA 24228-0577
Telephone & Fax
Ph:  276-835-8049
Fax: 276-835-8058
Telephone & Fax
Ph:  276-926-8400
Fax: 276-926-8696

G. Brian Baker

Rodney L. Compton

Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal
Karen Martin
  Haysi High School
  Mailing  & Shipping Address
196 Tiger Circle
P.O. Box G
Haysi, VA 24256-0147
  Telephone & Fax
Ph:  276-865-5126
Fax: 276-865-5240
John R. Whitner
  Assistant Principal
Dwayne Edwards


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